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This is the unfinished sequel to my Hasslevania: The Quest for Shuteye game. Started in 2007, I was working on it off and on over 9 years before just recently deciding to call it quits for good. This unfinished version exists so that the thousands of hours I put into it wasn't completely for nothing.

It is by far my most ambitious project, a giant Metroidvania spanning 3 planets and several side areas, and was extremely challenging to make. There are in-game unlockable mini games you get from defeating the boss enemies (there are 10 boss enemies in here). There is still between 6-10 hours worth of gameplay here, perhaps a lot more for completionists. You can sequence break the hell out of this, which is always fun.

As it IS unfinished, most of the planned voiceovers aren't in here and it doesn't feature gamepad support. Still, you can get up to the inside of the end game boss' Baron Complex before getting walled off.

The download is free, but if you want to throw anything my way which will go towards 9 years' worth of aspirins that'd be great. Hahaha..


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