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Hi ritgun,

This was happening to another guy with bitdefender because it's reading the eve as a false positive. There's no virus don't worry!

Here's the original post on the Steam forum and the resolution:

Hi, my antivirus program(bitdefender) keep deleting games' exe file.

Demo version and purchased version both.

I never seen bitdefender active this seriously(It even delete exe file when boot the windows-!)

So please check your game file.

ps. Sorry for my bad english.

Hi Dave,

I am all done updating the game. I did spend a long time taking suggestions and etc from the ETL Steam fan base and added a bunch of other improvements however with this last one (Cleric, contest winning gear) I think it's finally as good as it should be.

But of course the choice is up to you.

Have a good weekend


I'd be tempted to buy the game here but, would the purchase also provide me a Steam key (like it's used by many devs who eventually land on Steam after Itch)? Or would I at least be reassured that it will be kept up-to-date with the Steam version (since some devs have this bad habit to forget other platforms exist once they land on Steam)?

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I would gladly support Equin the Lantern.

Could you please put this on Indiegamestand.

I have voted for you on Steam Greenlight

Thanks Fargo

I never heard of it before, but will check it out. And thank you for the vote, many people dismissed the game immediately due to its visuals when it had the most coverage on the front page and all that